Custom software development

If the COTS CMMSs are either too light or too heavy, don’t cover all your business needs or use way too many data which is out of your scope then you should consider our custom software development services. If you tried our software and it is nearly what you need and you don’t like compromises, no worries, we can make it fit perfectly! Just get in contact with us and let us know what would you like more and we will be happy to work with you for further development.

Installations and configurations

We can install and configure RivetPlan for you, remotely or on your premises. You can choose our partner’s datacenter in Munich/Germany and have either a virtual private server or a dedicated one, depending on your needs. We are ready to install your own Cloud Rivet Plan • Remote installation on your hardware • Buy a complete hardware-software package from us and get a preinstalled tuned up package • If you really need us on your premises for starting the engines up, let us know. Configuration – a CMMS will work as well as good your process design is. Let us assist you in tuning and tweaking the software so you get the most benefits out of it! This is probably the most important phase in having the best tool.


Full access to our knowledge base consisting of presentations, video training, and documentation. Personalized webinars and online training sessions. Topalis Engineering is an authorized training center and we can organize training sessions on our premises for your future certified users. If you want to organize a training session on your premises let us know, training can take place in English, French, Turkish, and Romanian.

Data Care

If your data is confidential or the maintenance process is critical you may want us to back you up. We will take care of your data so you can focus on business. We will be working remotely and taking responsibility for keeping Rivet Plan working by regularly checking the database integrity, creating back-ups, and by protecting the system against intrusions or threats. Your system will be up-to-date and will fully serve your business goals. Bad things only happen if you allow them to happen!

Rent an engineer

You can receive assistance directly from the development team. Nobody knows Rivet Plan better than us. If you employ new people, training and keeping them motivated sounds a bit complicated; let us handle this and buy a support package; thus you will have dedicated resources to address your needs.

Open for ideas

If you think of integrating Rivet Plan, have some other use case, or you just feel chatty, then contact us; we will be happy to hear from our actual or future customers.
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