About Us

Although we are a Start-up, our company is based on a very experienced team who has worked in software development for more than ten years, delivering mission-critical software at a large scale. With certified experience in Software Development and Project Management, our team is dedicated to making Rivet Plan a global game changer in the fields of Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) and Task Management. 

Rivet Plan started in early 2016 as a challenge launched by an industrial global player who wanted a tailored CMMS and where we had the joy to pitch and win. Since then, we learned a lot about the domain specifics but we believe we are still fresh enough to go beyond CMMS and put it on the latest technologies.

Latest update: we are happy to announce that we have won a research grant in value over 600k EUR in the competition 2 – action 2.2.1. – Developing ITC in clusters.

Our Team